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Looking for new zebra shades for your home? Drapery USA inc offer an extensive collection of window shades for property owners in Miami.


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Wide range of window shades

Zebra Shades

Providing excellent gentle light control and privacy.
The original design of the Zebra window shades provide unique level of light and privacy.


Roman Shades

Classic window treatments for your home.
Looking for a simple and stylish window treatment for your home? Roman Shades are a great option.


Roller Shades

One of the most cost-effective window treatments.
Functional, practical and elegant offering fashionable light control and privacy for any room in your house.


Pleated Shades

Clean style and design, flexibility, and energy efficiency.
They are an effective window shade with excellent insulation, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.


Exterior Shades

Get pleasure from your outdoor entertaining area.
Our exterior shades offers stylish and energy efficient solutions enabling you to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.


We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality zebra shades

Zebra shades are a roll up blind with a solid and sheer design to give you light even when it is fully rolled down. They are extremely popular because of modern and stylish features that help boost the interior of every room in your home creating a soft feeling and comfortable ambiance in every room.

A Zebra shade is a dual layered fabric blind which can be found in light filtering, semi opaque or blackout fabric put together with an alternating elegant sheer panel that is unique, making a striped or Zebra effect. The front and back layers of fabric will go through sequences of overlapping simply because the blind is lowered and raised. As soon as the complete drop of the window blind has been reached the overlap is adjustable to offer the wanted level of light and privacy necessary.

The style and structure of the Zebra shades fabric varies using their striped panels of sheer fabric along with striped panels of light filter, semi opaque or blackout fabric create an exceptional overall performance for light and privacy control.

Benefits of Zebra Blinds

Light Control

Their modern design and light-control capability make zebra window shades perfect for any room. Pull down the blinds if you want some privacy or leave them open if you want more sun light. Also, you can bring them up for a view outside with no interferences from the window.

Flexible Design

Zebra blinds are flexible enough to fit into any interior decor because their clean lines and simple look work perfectly in modern configurations.

Fabric Options

Zebra blinds are available in a wide variety of fabric, design, and color options. According to your style you can either go bold with shiny colors or simply maintain it simple. Available in both light filtering and blackout fabrics, you can easily match your zebra blinds with other room furnishings.


Do you frequently keep your home windows often open or closed 24 hours a day because they are too hard to reach or it’s a stress to control them manually? Motorized zebra blinds can be designed to operate according to your requirements. Just schedule the time on your application and then let the motor do the job. In addition to helping, you save the time and stress of operating your window coverings manually, and they also increase value to your property.

Interior Protection

Your property deserves the best attention to ensure it looks perfect for years to come. But continuous exposure to sunlight can cause your home furniture and floor coverings to discolor and fade. It may also cause the same damage to carpets, furniture, photos, wallpaper, and artwork such as paintings. When closed, zebra blinds can block out 99% of UV rays and then protect your interiors from severe sunlight.

If you’re worried about neighboring eyes, zebra blinds solve that issue. Thanks to the black and white sheer layers, you can get pleasure from looking outside the house in the daytime while outsiders cannot see in. This contrasts with others blinds that require you to close them if you want daytime privacy.

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