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Looking for new wood blinds for your home? Drapery USA inc offer an extensive collection of wood blinds for property owners in Miami.


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Wide range of window blinds

Wood Blinds

Absolutely nothing beats the look of natural wood.
If you love the classic appear of natural wood, then consider Wood Window blinds for your home or business.


Vertical Blinds

Advanced light control and privacy options.
Vertical Blinds are one of the most practical window treatments for large home windows and sliding doors.


Plantation Shutters

Fantastic investment for your property
Plantation Shutters can help insulate your property, protect your family members, as well as increase value to your home or business.


Faux Wood Blinds

Excellent substitute for traditional wood blinds.
Faux Wood Blinds are suitable for all areas, especially bathrooms and kitchens using their moisture resistant materials.



Reduce the light from your living spaces with style and elegance.
Select from a variety of patterns and colors to find windows drapery that perfectly suits your needs.


We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality wood blinds

If you want a classic look of natural wood, then consider Wood Window shades for your property

There are many family home decorations styles from which homeowners may choose to reflect their style. Property owners properly select home furniture, fabrics, floor coverings, carpets, etc. to make a space that may be uniquely their own. The windows of a home will also need decoration to help you filter light, provide insulation, protect important goods at home from sunlight damage, and complement the look and look of your home. Homeowners may want to consider applying wooden Window blinds as their window covering of choice. Wooden blinds provide the home with a great atmosphere of elegance and style because these popular types of window blinds are both classic and traditional. Adding to their natural and organic beauty, wooden blinds are also extremely functional. With function and aesthetic appeal, wooden window blinds are a natural choice for property owners that prefer to add appearance and elegance to their property.

Drapery USA understand the essential importance of appearance to homeowners, our functional wood blinds can make a stylish addition to any kind of room in your home, whether it is the new home office, a sleeping room, or a living room. With a wide range of colors to pick from, you should not find it hard to find a design and style that matches your existing decorating scheme. In addition, you can be assured that all our window shades can tolerate the high temperatures caused by Miami’s summer season.

Window blinds can completely modify the atmosphere of a room, and wooden window blinds have continued to be a popular choice for decades, because of their many aesthetic and practical benefits. wood is one of the most popular materials that are used around the world for blinds window treatment

Increased privacy

While some blinds can occasionally appear translucent or cast shadows that allow people from outside to gain insight into your private life, wooden window blinds are 100 % solid and opaque, so when closed, your loved ones and house are totally hidden from neighboring eyes.
Good insulation

Wood is a wonderful insulator, and wooden blinds are probably the most insulating blind options. Which means that you can keep the heat in your home during wintertime and away during summertime, keeping a comfortable temperature in your house no matter the time of year. This will decrease your electric bills and your need for central heating or fair conditioning will be reduced, helping you save money in the long run.

Long lasting

Wooden blinds are extremely strong and durable, as they are able to tolerate many years of use without getting damaged or fragile. There’re an incredibly long-lasting and affordable investment and will continue to appear luxurious and elegant for many years to come.

Low maintenance

The material of blinds allows dust and dirt to penetrate the surface and discolor the blinds, which means that regular deep cleaning will be needed to keep the blinds looking good. With wooden blinds, you do not have to worry about this, however. The hard surface makes a highly effective barrier against dirt, and the window blinds will simply need dusting every week to keep them looking good as new.

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    We take pleasure in offering high-quality products at affordable prices. No matter what your budget is, we will provide you with a variety of different window treatments to match your budget.

  • Child Safe Products:
    All our window blinds and windows shades are child safe.

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    We provide long lasting product range and provide extended support after product installation.

  • Professional Installation:
    Our installers team are the best in the market, they are skilled, qualified and professionals.

  • Fabric Options:
    We have a wide range of fabrics, colors, styles and designs to choose from.