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Looking for new window shades for your home? Drapery USA inc offer an extensive collection of roman shades for property owners in Miami.


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Wide range of window shades

Zebra Shades

Providing excellent gentle light control and privacy.
The original design of the Zebra window shades provide unique level of light and privacy.


Roman Shades

Classic window treatments for your home.
Looking for a simple and stylish window treatment for your home? Roman Shades are a great option.


Roller Shades

One of the most cost-effective window treatments.
Functional, practical and elegant offering fashionable light control and privacy for any room in your house.


Pleated Shades

Clean style and design, flexibility, and energy efficiency.
They are an effective window shade with excellent insulation, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.


Exterior Shades

Get pleasure from your outdoor entertaining area.
Our exterior shades offers stylish and energy efficient solutions enabling you to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.


We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality roman shades

Roman shades are an excellent choice for the people that require an exclusive and elegant look for their house. These kinds of window shades will make a great addition to any contemporary home style, providing a touch of genuine natural beauty to any room in your own home.

If you’re looking to add warmth and elegance to your windows, then roman shades could be your solution. Adding a touch of elegance to any room in your home. When raised, they provide a clear view from the outside and when lowered, you can take advantage of total privacy. Extremely versatile, they can be adjusted to a variety of levels according to the capacity of light and privacy you need

Providing a wide range of fabrics and colors to select from, you should not struggle to find the perfect custom roman shades to match your interior decor. Whether you will need blackout, sunscreen, or light filtering fabric, we will fulfill your requirements. Perfect for the South Florida climate, roman shades help to reduce glare and control dangerous UV rays coming from outside the house.

Blackout Roman shades

Blackout fabrics totally block out the amount of sun light getting into your room, keeping your home shaded all year long. Blackout Roman Shade are a fantastic option for rooms demanding complete darkness and elevated privacy, making these window shades perfectly fitted for sleeping rooms, movie theater rooms, studios, and bathrooms. Blackout shades are also an excellent solution for living spaces where the sun may cause a frustratingly bright glare on your television display, letting you completely enjoy your pleasure time.

Light Filter / Translucent Roman Shades

Light filtering fabric shades allow filtered sunlight into a room while continue to keep full privacy day and night. The material is usually very tight, making it very difficult to see through. These are great for living rooms and bedroom.

Sunscreen Roman Shades

Sunscreen fabrics are good for reducing heat and protection against harmful UV light. Natural light is allowed and view outside the house is maintained. These are perfect for apartment buildings or backyard window, exactly where level of privacy is not an issue.

Benefits of Roman Shades


We will assist you in creating an extremely elegant look for your property. With right selection of fabric, Drapery USA roman shades offer a appear of classical beauty.


A comprehensive portfolio of materials provided by our company can make to be flexible in your budget. With our roman shades, you can select a fabric that not only fits your home style but also your budget.

Controlling Room Temperatures

Roman shades are great for keeping out the heat and insulating your home on a warm summer day or during winter. They will help keep warmth by covering home windows completely, which insulates the heat inside of you home

Simple to Use

Our roman shades are controlled with a cord and lock system or chain control system. This makes our roman shades functional and simple to operate.


Cleaning of Roman shades is simple and easy since generally the fabrics used are washable. But even though these kinds of window shades are washable, they may be hard to clean unless they are seriously dirty. Vacuum-cleaning are typically the standard cleaning strategy.

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  • Wide Range of products and solutions:
    Our extensive selection of window blinds makes sure that you will find the best option for your home.

  • Affordable Prices:
    We take pleasure in offering high-quality products at affordable prices. No matter what your budget is, we will provide you with a variety of different window treatments to match your budget.

  • Child Safe Products:
    All our window blinds and windows shades are child safe.

  • Product Warranty:
    We provide long lasting product range and provide extended support after product installation.

  • Professional Installation:
    Our installers team are the best in the market, they are skilled, qualified and professionals.

  • Window Shades Fabric Options:
    We have a wide range of window shades fabrics, colors, styles and designs to choose from.